7th Colloquium: On Artificial Ignorance (2018)

17.11.2018 14:00
by Auris-E. Lipinksi
Colloquium on Artificial Ignorance, Digital Counter-Enlightenment and “User Experience Design”.
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Date:      Saturday, 17. November 2018

Time:      14:00 o´clock

Location: c-base e.V., Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin




14:00 h Introduction AEL

14:20 h R.M. Presentation

15:20 h Discussion

15:50 h Pause

16:00 h A.J. Presentation

17:00 h Discussion

17:30 h Pause

17:40 h Diskussion of both presentations



About presentation 1

Digital Counter-Enlightenment and “User Experience Design”.
On Nudging, Tracking and Infantilization in Human-Computer Interaction

Speaker: Rainer Mühlhoff


In this talk I will analyze modern human-computer interaction to discuss the question of enlightenment and counter-enlightenment in the digital age. I will focus on the field of “User Experience Design”, a dominant IT discourse that uses insights from behavioral sciences and data-driven evaluation techniques to optimize user interfaces and interaction designs. We will have a closer look at various “design tricks” that nudge users to expose more of their data online, often without explicit knowledge. I will discuss how this data is used to predict user behavior and target users according to their cognitive, behavioral or emotional dispositions. This leads to the diagnosis of “digitale Entmündigung”, or digital counter-enlightenment, which describes a set of systematic aspirations and structural tendencies to deprive users of their (cognitive and epistemic) means to make self-determined, knowledgeable and responsible use of technology. With respect to data protection and privacy debates, I will point to the political problem of mass aggregation.


About Presentation 2

Artificial Ignorance – What AI Cannot, Would Not Want to, Should Not, and Must Not Know

Speaker: Anil Jain


Especially in the field of artificial intelligence the dimension of ignorance is »fundamental« – as weird as that might sound at first. In the talk, a »Copernican Revolution« in the study of AI is thus proposed. Or, formulated in reference to Kant: We must therefore make trial whether we may not have more success in the tasks of artificial intelligence, if we suppose that ignorance (not intelligence) must be its determining element. Accordingly, ignorance in all its dimension will be focused: what AI cannot, would not want to, should not, and must not know. In performing this task not only the advantages of ignorance but also its problematic aspects will be addressed – ignorance towards human desires, ignorance towards socio-economic demands, etc.



Moderation & commentary: Auris-E. Lipinski


Please note: the event willbe recorded/ filmed. By attending, you give conscent to be on these recordings. This will be noted, in the beginning of the event, again.

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